Licensing Applications

Licensing Applications

For more information regarding the application process for the various activities, kindly contact the Director General of the Continental Shelf Department on

Oil Exploration

Applications for exploration or production licences can be made either through a bid round process or through an open door policy in accordance with the Petroleum (Production) Regulations.  Presently, Malta adopts an open door policy for the acreage that is available for licensing. Interested applicants can refer to the Notices published on the Official Journal of the European Union on 27 April 2023 Reference 2023/C 145/10​10 November 2022 Reference 2022/C 127/04​21 September 2017 Reference 2017/C 313/02 and 24 March 2015 Reference 2015/C 97/05 for available acreage (please also refer to previous related Notices: 2014/C 99/04 and 2013/C 127/04). The acreage available for licensing can also be viewed under the Oil Exploration section on this website. 

An application will be required in the form indicated in the Schedule to the Petroleum (Production) Regulations​ (S.L. 156.01 of the Laws of Malta).

Submarine Cables and Pipelines

Details regarding the submission of an application for a licence to carry out a submarine cable or pipeline route survey or to lay and maintain a submarine cable or pipeline on the continental shelf of Malta (including the internal waters and territorial waters) are given under the Submarine Cables and Pipelines section on this website.

Marine Scientific Research

An application for consent to carry out marine scientific research on Malta’s continental shelf (including the internal waters and territorial waters) is available for download. Kindly refer to the Marine Scientific Research section on this website regarding the application fee.

Application for consent for Marine Scientific Research​​​​

Artificial islands, installations, structures and devices

Details regarding the submission of an application for a licence to construct, operate or use an artificial island, installation, structure or device in Malta's internal and territorial waters are given under Artificial Islands, Installations, Structures and Devices section on this website.



Licensing Applications​