Artificial Islands, Installations, Structures and Devices

The construction, operation or use of any artificial island, installation, structure or device on the continental shelf of Malta (including the internal waters and territorial waters) requires a licence in terms of Regulation 7 of the Continental Shelf Regulations (S.L. 535.02).

Each application shall include as a minimum the following information:

  • Background information on the project and on the applicant and owner of the project, if different. In case of a consortium or joint venture, details of the separate partners will be required;

  • Copies of the annual reports and audited financial statements for the three years immediately preceding the application;

  • A map showing the proposed location of the artificial island, installation, structure or device and any buffer zone around it (in WGS84 shapefile format);
  • Indicative dates for the planned operations;
  • The proposed design and construction methods;
  • Technical specifications of the vessels/equipment that will be used;
  • Information concerning the qualifications of the personnel to be employed for the project .

The Continental Shelf Department will consult with other entities prior to granting a licence. Charges may be imposed by Government as will specified in the licence conditions. Please contact the Director General, Continental Shelf Department on for more information.


​Artificial Islands, Installations, Structures and Devices​